The Beginning – Need vs Want


There are so many questions in this world, aren’t there?  …See what I did there?  In all seriousness though, there are so many questions on health, nutrition, toxins in the air that affect the body, and how to live off the land and still be profitable.  All of which are validated questions that have been unanswered to so many people, and to me it really does seem like the questions are only increasing, no matter how much self-educating we do. That’s a big reason why we came up with this blog – we want to be able to take at least a large handful of those questions, and answer as many as we can through life experience, meditation and research.  Our hope and goal is to be able to do this while providing our fellow community a fun learning experience, that hopefully one day we can also provide as a ‘hands on’ experience.

If you weren’t born ‘rich’ with the paper that we know today as money, then you will more than likely have more respect for ‘material’ things.  Material meaning more than what you actually need.  There is a big difference between need and want.  This is something I owe my mother (oh, no!) for instilling into my brain many years ago.

We all want that fancy big white-picket-fenced house on the water, with the 50-foot yacht and the pool boy (or girl)… but surely we do not need all of that.  Most of us wouldn’t know what to do with that large of a house anyway!  More and more people around the globe are realizing that less is more, and I agree immensely with this.  I myself grew up in a number of different homes ranging from a 1.5 storey wartime home to a trailer, and not once did I feel inadequate because of it – thanks again, Mom!  As long as you have a place to call home, and that home is filled with love and food, you are almost all set for life… almost. For most people, this is enough however, and that’s completely fine with me!  But that’s not what we are aiming for here.  Our goals in life include how to make our home sustainable, profitable (via food, DIY projects, crafts to sell, providing shelter for our loved ones, etc) so that we are able to spend time at home, and not at a JOB.

Sustainability is one of the most difficult things I have come to know about.  I say that because there was a point in time where I was very ignorant of how much you can do/change the things you already own to make them more efficient.  This area of expertise has definitely grown between myself and Nick (he’s the ‘N’ in the TNT =) ).  One of the areas that we will touch on a lot is how to change the items you use every day, and make them work for you instead of the other way around.  This, as well as growing your own food… which means freeing up some of your hard-earned cash for creating your own household products, which in turns make a better, healthier, and happier YOU!

My main focus is to learn how to enjoy this awesome life as a human for as long as I can, like we were meant to!  I am continuing to learn about things on a daily basis, and I am excited to share my findings with you.  I hope this blog can fulfill at least a small portion of what you’ve been searching for on this life’s journey.

With Love,

TNT.  ❤