The ‘T’ of TNT


Insight to Tina:


I started this blog with a holistic approach to living in mind.  Holistic meaning a whole approach to a healthy lifestyle; all natural food, products, and cleansing the body and soul of distractions and toxins.  Nobody is perfect, but I do try hard every day to make at least one thing better in my life, even if it’s a small change or a new tool added to my routine.

I love DIY stuff – who doesn’t?! – so part of this blog is to share the natural, toxin-free products that I make as part of my daily beauty regime, and show you just how easy it is to make time for health.  I am a big advocate on health, especially since I have been battling a fight with Candidiasis Overgrowth (see more here).  I was diagnosed with this in 2014 and I have been on a journey to cure myself of it, at least on a maintenance level.  You will see a lot of information about gut health and Candida on this blog, along with amazing recipes that are not only good for treating Candida, but healing your gut and just overall feeding yourself clean, nutritious food!

I have my Reiki Level I Attunement.  This means that I am able to heal people with my hands, through the healing energy that comes from my Reiki Spirit Guides.  This is a form of Energy Healing that I practice on a few friends and family, and am going to further this with getting my Level II Attunement in the future (where I can delve into distance healing).  My door is always open – if you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me via the contact form below, or you can email me at

Overall I am just a good-hearted person, and a good way for me to express myself is through words and this blog.  I hope you can find what we post here helpful to you in your daily lives, and share in the experience of our lives.

All My Love,





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